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In4Matic is an IT consultancy company with over two decades of experience in delivering IT services in multiple business sectors. Our core business is recruiting and deploying infrastructure engineers, developers, analysts and management related IT profiles based on our client’s needs.

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In4Matic listens to your company’s personal needs and requirements. We thoroughly screen potential candidates so we can guarantee a good match both on a technical and cultural level. We are able to provide you a personal fit because of our tailor-made approach.

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In4Matic is looking for enthusiastic, driven and specialised people to join our team. We think it’s necessary to invest in our employees by offering appropriate training for each individual. This is important in order to continue to motivate your personal growth, but also in order to provide our customers with the best possible services.

Our services


In4Matic zooms in on what your company is looking for and we determine a way of working that fully meets your expectations. We work with and have access to the best profiles in the IT sector which is why we can guarantee you the right expertise.

Try & Hire

In4Matic provides the possibility to work on a temporary Try & Hire basis. Before an employer hires the IT specialist on a permanent basis, both parties have time and space to get acquainted.

Search & select

Finding a permanent ICT employee requires an efficient but personal approach. Your expectations must be in line with the candidate’s. We set the highest standards of professionalism for ourselves to ensure we choose the best candidate for you.

IT training

In4Matic invests substantial resources in training our consultants. Consultants are currently expected to have much more than purely technical expertise. Consultants must be able to put themselves in the customer’s shoes, be assertive, and think in terms of solutions.


Even the most advanced ICT infrastructure becomes inadequate over the course of time. Let us know how we can help. We’ll happily take your IT concerns off your hands and work together with you on your organisation’s future.

Young potential programs

In4Matic looks for young potential talent with the right skills and a unique attitude compatible with your technical environment and culture.

Both before and during the trial period, In4Matic offers various training programs and junior classes for those who want to improve their skills in infrastructure, development, analysis or testing.