Youth is the future. Who doesn’t want to invest in that?

Graduated? What now?

After graduating, young students are thrown in a very competitive market. We notice that there is a considerable gap between the knowledge the students have and the skills companies expect of their juniors. With the Talent4Matic program, juniors can strengthen their personal leadership and precise their management skills. We invest in our juniors’ skills and personal development at all perspectives and guide them through their first professional experience.

Our approach

In the Talent4Matic program you get the chance to develop your personality, widen your knowledge and hone your management skills. By grouping with other talents, you will develop a new look on problems and solutions. Every youth potential has a different background, which allows us to think across multiple sectors and departments. That way you put your own working methods in question and step out of your comfort zone.

Assertiveness training, presentation techniques, change management and time management combined with technical trainings and certifications will turn freshly graduated students into the new developers, analysts and engineers.

Office address

Industrieweg 190

B-9030 Mariakerke (GHENT)


Contact data

Phone: +32 9 237 26 45

E-mail: info@i4m.be


"In4matic is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning."

-Van Nith O.

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